Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Questions on Air Micrometer

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Is air gauge head compatible with every air micrometer of different maker?

Basically, each air gauge head is designed and manufactured following the specification required by air micrometer used. Particularly, for air micrometer with back pressure type (digital type), each maker has its own specification upon its air gauge head. And hence, basically, there is no compatibility guaranteed between gauge head and air micrometer of different maker.

For flow type air micrometer (analog type), its air gauge head almost has the same specification, regardless the maker.

It should be noted also that air gauge head designed for back pressure type does not always work well on the flow type.

How long is the warranty period of Air micrometer?

Warranty period is not particularly specified. We will examine and handle separately the damage or abnormal symptoms which occurs at normal usage in a short period after purchased.