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  1. The Company makes every possible effort to ensure accuracy of the information on this website. However, the Company does not guarantee the complete accuracy or reliability of the information. Therefore, when any kind of affairs or contract in conjunction with the posting information will be conducted, please contact our in charge of sales to have confirmation on the issues.
  2. The information will be updated at any times. However, all information are not always the latest ones.
  3. When any software is downloaded from this site for updating purpose, the installation should follow the license and the instruction manual given when the product is purchased. The company does not guarantee the installation process and its result, nor have responsibility of any installation conducted by the user.
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The company does not control over the contents of third party websites, which may linking to our websites or hyperlinking from our website. Please follows the terms and conditions of each hyperlinking websites.

The company does not take any responsibilities for the contents of the hyperlink websites nor any loss or damage that may arise from using them.

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  1. Please contact our in charge of sales [] and describe website name, contents, link purpose, your name and contact details, when you want to linking to this site.
    We may refuse linking request from the site which is considered against public order and morals or may harm honor and dignity of the company or may rise an economic loss.
  2. Please set the following top page website address, for English version for Japanese version
  3. The notation should clearly describe that the linking is to the company website.
    The correct notation of the company names is "OJIYA SEIKI Co.,LTD" or "OJIYA SEIKI" or "OJIYAS".
  4. When the issue of trouble and compensation for damages arise from accessing the hyperlink, the responsibiliy is on the person who accessed the links. The company may also claim for the compensation when the company suffer any damages.