Measuring Instruments


Digital Thread Depth Gauge Stock item

DSG-Di/DiR are for pass/fail inspection and thread depth measurement of M2~M24 threaded holes in one measuring operation.
The measured result is displayed with display resolution of 0.01 mm.
Digital display always faces towards operator regardless handle rotation.
Ratchet function is available in DSG-DiR. The measured data can be transferred into a computer via a dedicated proximity USB cable and software.


Data processing software for DSG-DiR,Di

SylCom Lite, a data processing software dedicated for DSG-DiR can be downloaded free from our website.
A proximity USB cable (Code: 926.6721.10) is required for connection and need to be purchased separately.



Thread Depth Gauge
with Graduation Scale Stock item

It can inspect both pitch diameter and effective length of the threaded part of female screw thread of M2 to M18.
Since it can check two points measurement at the same time, it provides shorten measuring and production time at a reduced cost.
Standard type DSG and High spec type DSG-HS are available. DSG-HS is used for relatively deep holes and provides a precise readings.

To replace the gauge part to a different size or due to the wear occurred, a zero setting master and removing tool are available on sale.

三次元マスターゲージ CPG

Threaded Hole
Location Gauge CPG Stock item

CPGs are used in measurement of threaded holes positions using CMM.

ビット付ねじプラグゲージ Bit-Plus

Thread plus gauge
with hex drill bit shank

You can check threaded holes by inserting the shank part of the gauge into an electric screwdriver.
It provides reductions of measurement time and workload.


Inspection JIGs

Various inspection jigs are designed and manufactured to cope with each measuring items of geometrical tolerance of the products such as length, height, hole position, concentricity, runout, etc.